Sasha Prince

Sasha Prince, Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Hi! My name is Sasha Prince. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography in and around Cleveland, Ohio. I’m originally from Oahu, Hawai’i. I moved to Cleveland once — after high school, where I attended community college and studied film photography. I returned to Hawai’i in 2004 and began assisting a wedding photographer until 2006 when I fell into capturing weddings on my own. This year, in 2020, I’m back living and working in Cleveland — the place where I discovered my love for art!

As a wedding photographer, my goals are to tell a truthful story of what your wedding day feels like to make lasting photos once a moment has passed.

I approach your wedding day as a documentarian, without staging or posing. I’m a better storyteller if I let things happen naturally and go with the flow. When I’m unobtrusive, couples feel at ease with me and can be themselves.

One of my strengths as a wedding photographer is being able to step into an uncomfortable situation (perhaps one with interesting family dynamics, for example) and work through it. I’m easy going and people feel comfortable around me. I try to step outside my comfort zone, when possible.

In my free time, I document everyday life with my kiddos and family. Spending quality time with my family and friends is my favorite thing to do.

I look forward to sharing your story.

— Sasha Prince

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